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Driving Lessons in Tallaght:
These Are regular   Driving lessons that you will need  if you have had  your learners permit on or before 04/04/2011 then you can take this type of driving lesson.
EDT Driving Lessons Tallaght:
These are Mandatory driving lessons as set out by the Road Safety Authority if have  gotten  your learner drivers permit after 04/04/2011 and you must complete the 12 EDT driving Lessons modules before you can you take your driving test in Tallaght driving test centre.
Pretest Driving Lessons Tallaght:
These are not mandatory Driving lessons but are needed for any learner driver hoping to pass their driving test 1st time. Pre tests are a mock run of the driving test and will take you out to rehearse the routes used by the RSA driving testers in Tallaght. These are also a must for repeat or unsuccessful drivers who have failed their driving test in the past.
Driving Test Car Hire Tallaght:
If you’re looking to rent or hire a car for your driving test, then we can lease you a car for the duration of your test and even add in a pretest driving lesson to make a real impression on your RSA driving examiner. We can provide driving test car hire & Rental services at the RSA Tallaght Driving test Centre.
Driving Test Car Hire Tallaght
Driving Test Car Hire Tallaght
Driving Test Car Hire Tallaght
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Driving Test Car Hire Tallaght
12 EDT Driving Lessons
6 EDT Driving Lessons €199
1 EDT Driving Lessons €35

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